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The Alpacalaca Family is a family consisting out of four alpacas. The alpacas are Lemonface (mother), Bobble (father) and the little and cute baby alapacas Wool Bubbline and Edward Fluffy Buffy. The surname of the family is Van Den Hosen - Peyton.


Lemonface - Everderp

Bobble - Wesolini

Wool Bubbline - RawrImmaEatYa

Edward Fluffy Buffy - Beetee19

Grandmother - Mia

Grandfather - Oli


Kiki the Dragon

Ian the Flea


Anna the Llama

Cass the Cat

Caylin the Cow

Jade the Elephantpig

Justin the Crow

Emma the Sloth

Eating habitsEdit

The Alpacalaca family loves to eat hay. They always eat hay in the awesome barn.





Family picture!

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