1. Make personal attacks, including racist, sexist, homophobic, or religious name calling.
  2. Make threats of violence, especially death threats.
  3. Be intentionally disruptive or irritating to other users.
  4. Spam.
  5. Create duplicate accounts to avoid a chat ban or wiki ban.
  6. Be rude or disrespectful to mods

You may

  1. Swear
  2. Roleplay
  3. Speak in caps


Users who break the above rules may be punished by being kicked or banned from using the chat and/or being blocked from using the wiki.

Administrators/Chat Moderators

  1. Do not kick or ban without reasons
  2. Don't break any of the rules or you'll be de-modded.
  3. If you are inactive for more then a month. You might be de-modded

To see the list of out Administrators and Chat Moderators, click here