• Throughout the Southwest US, cheese fries are often covered in melted cheddar cheese, bacon bits, jalapeño slices, and chives and served with ranch dressing. Alternately, they are also served as carne asada fries.
  • In Philadelphia, In the early 1980s, Cheese Fries with Cheez Whiz first surfaced from a company called "Philly Fries" (founded in 1981). Scott Collins and his mother Vilma Collins created the dish as described in the Philadelphia Daily News in 1983.[1],[2]
  • In Philadelphia, pizza fries are topped with melted mozzarella and served with pizza sauce on the side, while "Mega Fries" are topped with Cheddar (or sometimes Cheez Whiz) and mozzarella cheese and bacon. Usually served with a side of ranch dressing.[citation needed]
  • In New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey they are covered with American, Moz
  • zarella, or Swiss cheese, then melted (properly broiled).
  • In New Jersey and certain New York City diners, Disco Fries are fries served with Mozzarella and brown gravy.
  • Willy's Cheesteaks in Red Bank, NJ was voted best cheese fries in the 2010 New Jersey Foodie Awards. Ironically, they were also voted Worst Cheesteak the same year.
  • Chilli cheese fries are cheese fries topped with Chili con carne. The cheese is usually either American or Cheddar. In Cincinnati, Ohio, they use their own Cincinnati chili for their Chilli cheese fries at the local chilli restaurants. In New Mexico, they use New Mexican Chile for their chilli cheese fries, often adding chopped lettuce, tomato, and olives as garnish.
  • In other parts of the US, nacho cheese is often used, especially in snack-stand type settings.
  • In Ireland a popular variation called "Taco Fries" consists of fresh cut chips covered in sub sauce and shredded Cheddar. Piled on top of the cheese are ground beef, tomato, peppers, onions, and various seasoning.
  • In Bulgaria, a common side dish offered in most restaurants consists of French fries, topped with grated or crumbled sirene.
  • Fast food chain In-N-Out Burger serves "Animal Style Fries" which are covered in melted cheese, grilled onions, and Thousand Island dressing.
  • Some German "Imbisse" (fast food joints) serve a variation on chilli cheese fries with bolognese sauce instead of chilli.