Okay. So this is the page for ships. Like.. relationships and ones as friends.

Callice - Callam and Alice

Alidrew - Alice and Andy

Labby - Abby and Lily

Chauren - Lauren and Charlie

Moli - Oli and Mia

Weslice - Wesley and Alice

Dalice - Dani and Alice

Lallice - Luke and Alice

Chuke - Charlie and Luke

Cabby - Abby and Callam

Calily - Callam and Lily

Lilice - Lily and Alice

Dania -  Dani and Mia

Doli - Dani and Oli

Anni - Anna and Dani

Caynny - Caylin and Vinny

Annadrew - Anna and Andrew

Kierani - Kiersten and Dani

Alina - Anna and Alice

Annley - Wesley and Anna

Channa - Anna and Charlie/Ryan

Kierna - Kiersten and Anna

Kierdrew - Kiersten and Andrew

Hunsten - Hunter and Kiersten

Olina - Oli and Anna

Ianna - Ian and Anna

Lini - Lily and Dani

Foxanna - Anna and Axedfox

Callanna - Callam and Anna

Cassani - Cass and Dani

Olian - Oli and Ian

Mianna - Mia and Anna

VDAnna - Vinny and Anna

Andily - Andy and Lily

Caly - Cass and Lily

Callandra - Callam and Cass

Kani - Katelyn and Dani

Katass - Katelyn and Cass

Lilyn - Lily and Katelyn

Ryani - Ryan and Dani

Olex - Oli and Alex

Julani - Julia and Dani

Beenie - Colin and Rainie

Dareth - Gareth and Dani

Kailex - Kekai & Alex

Emmlex - Emma & Alex

Julex - Julia & Alex

Vinnlex - Vinny & Alex

Dalex - Alex and Dani

Dutter Knife - Dani and Butter Knife

Erlex - Erlend and Alex

Kilex - Kiki and Alex

Weslex - Wesley and Alex

Dallam - Dani and Callam

Vinnlex - Vinny and Alex

Annlex - Anna and Alex

Dinny - Dani and Vinny

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