Oli - Father. Aged 23

Oli is the father of 5 children, and the husband of Ian. He is madly in love with Ian.

Ian - Father. Aged 23

Ian is the father of 5 children, and the husband of Oli. He is madly in love with Oli.

Callam - Uncle. Aged 27

Callam has one daughter named Alice. He is the brother of Oli. He's the oldest of the entire Olian family

Alice - Cousin. Aged 13

Alice is Callams daughter and the oldest Olian child.

Anna - Aunt. Aged 25

Anna is the sister of Oli. She has two children, Wesley and Livi

Wesley - Cousin. Aged 12

Wesley is the son of Anna. His sister is Livi

Livi - Cousin. Aged 8

Livi is the daughter of Anna. And the cousin of Kiki, Dani, Mia and Jojo.

Kiki - Daughter. Aged 2

Kiki is the last Olian child to be born. She likes to eat cookies.

Dani - Daughter. Aged 5

Dani is the twin of Mia. She gives Kiki all of the cookies.

Mia - Daughter. Aged 5

Mia is the twin of Dani. She is quiet.

Jojo - Son. Aged 7

Jojo was a mistake, but Ian and Oli loved him so they decided to have more. He is the crazy annoying child of the Olian family.